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Slide Massage and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Our body is an expert at initiating damage control to protect internal structures and organs from further damage after an initial injury. This however translates to soft tissue inflammation, loss of range of motion, pain on movement, and a cascade of other healing mechanisms (Vizniak, 2018).

Our Massage and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Practitioners have over a decade of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to assess and implement the most effective and beneficial choice of Touch Therapy to minimise the impact an injury can have on your daily life.

Our therapists also acknowledges that injury is not always a result of physical impact but rather the side effect of the fast-paced lives we lead today. We welcome patients who would like to use Touch Therapy as a choice of healthcare to improve how they feel.

Vizniak, N. (2018). Evidence informed joint-play and mobilization. [Canada]: Professional Health Systems Inc.
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